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Chip's NCAA Megabucks Winner (Stanford/Old Dominion)

Price: $49.00

Chip's NCAA Megabucks Winner (Stanford/Old Dominion)
Chip Chirimbes the March Madness Handicapping Champion is 10-3 78% with his last 13 Megabuck releases and is now 25-15 63% in Tournament play. Called a 'Post-season' Wizard Chip is posting a NIT 'Megabucks' winner Tuesday between Stanford and Old Dominion. Find out why Chipper in called the 'Big Game Player' and continue your tourney run with this Best Bet winner. With NCAA handicapping awards from the Las Vegas Hilton, Stardust and Stations Casinos contests. Chipper is posting this game for only $49.


Price: $25.00

My college basketball is rolling as I am on an 11-5 run including my GAME OF THE YEAR WINNER. Today, I keep getting you paid with the STANFORD/OLD DOMINION WINNER. Jump on my HOT STREAK and get paid.

Razor's 8* NBA Tuesday Top Total!

Price: $29.95

Razor Ray is dominating the hardwood and is ready to continue that domination into Tuesday! The Razor has taken a selective approach and it's paying BIG DIVIDENDS! The Razor believes that the oddsmakers have really MISSED THE MARK with the posted total in one of Tuesday night's games! Another winning play is just a click away!


Sean's Final Four MONEY-BOMB

Price: $50.00

Higgs is ready here on Saturday with a Top 10* MONEY BOMB going in Final Four action. Michigan State and Duke face off and Sean is ready with your GUARANTEED WINNER $

Sean's Final Four Best Bet

Price: $35.00

Higgs is ready with another GUARANTEED WINNER here in the Final Four. Wisconsin is in a rematch with Kentucky. Get this BEST BET now and head into the Championship Game and MLB Money-Monday with Bankroll $

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