Tony's FREE NCAA Saturday Play

Tony's FREE NCAA Saturday Play

Georgia vs. Missouri, 09/08/2012 19:45 EDT, Score: 41 - 20

Point Spread: +3/-120 Missouri

Sportsbook: Bovada

Result: Loss

Georgia -3 @ Missouri

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Mizzou opens up their SEC schedule for the first time ever in front of a raucous and sold out crowd this Saturday Night. Many sports writers and TV analysis’s have given the Tigers no chance to compete in the SEC and in this game. I watched Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN say Missouri is not used to the type of defense’s that the SEC will pose to them. Really? Ok I guess all those years in the Big 12 against the likes of Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas to name a few were just a bunch of slouches and the Big 12 is soft and weak. Throw out Alabama and LSU and whose defense in the SEC is a difference maker ever?

That said Mizzou has a great QB in Franklin who is a massive game breaker and dual threat, a trio of WR’s anyone would love to have on their team and a RB system by committee which is evasive and fast. Georgia on the other hand also has a great QB in Murray and plenty around him but to win on the road at Mizzou they will need a perfect game, and how many times in the past has Georgia stunk it up early in a season, they started out 0-2 last year and really looked unfocused against Buffalo last week. I understand they have some issues on suspensions that led to a tighter game in that one, but Mizzou clicked on all cylinders last week, and Gary Pinkel can coach a big game and has won plenty of them too.

As of this write up the suspensions are still in effect at Georgia, and while that remains a mystery, Mizzou has the offense to get it done here. They run the spread attack with Franklin almost flawlessly at times and he rarely makes bad decisions. Home field is the difference here and a very motivated Mizzou team which knows this game makes or breaks them in the SEC this year against a beatable team at home. I know the OL for Mizzou on one side is weak and inexperienced, but with the speed of execution on offense that counters that, and with all world playmaker TJ Moe breaking some big special teams plays, I see Mizzou here by 4. Live Dog scenario.

Mizzou 27 Georgia 23

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