Chip's MLB Money Game Winner (Red Sox/Orioles)

Chip's MLB Money Game Winner (Red Sox/Orioles)

Boston vs. Baltimore, 08/15/2012 19:05 EDT, Score: 3 - 5

Money Line: -110 Baltimore

Sportsbook: DSI

Result: Win

Boston at Baltimore 7:05 ET
Orioles over Red Sox- “Boo who”, those poor Boston Red Sox players were actually expected to be professionals and come ready to play baseball everyday, my goodness how can be possible expect that from a club that drank themselves out of the playoffs last year when the weren't being supervised. Spoiled bunch of crybabies that are 'dogging' it everyday and going into the 'tank' to spite their manager. No character at all! No integrity! Too much ego for this crew. Take BALTIMORE!

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