Chip's MLB Vegas Insiders Winner (20-10 67%) (Reds/Giants)

Chip's MLB Vegas Insiders Winner (20-10 67%) (Reds/Giants)

Cincinnati vs. San Francisco, 06/30/2012 16:05 EDT, Score: 2 - 1

Money Line: -130 Cincinnati

Sportsbook: BookMaker

Result: Win

Cincinnati at San Francisco 4:05 ET
Reds over Giants- The Cincinnati Reds have the National League's Most Valuable Player in Joey Votto and he currently leads in All-Star voting for the Ventral Division leaders. After four straight shutout wins the Giants were stopped by the Reds and today will face Mat Latos (6-2, 4.77 ERA) who has a lifetime ERA of 1.85 in five career starts at AT&T Park. After sweeping the Dodgers the Giants should continue with this letdown. Take CINCINNATI!

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