Chip's Famous Megabucks (10-3 77%) Winner (Mets/Dodgers)

Chip's Famous Megabucks (10-3 77%) Winner (Mets/Dodgers)

NY Mets vs. LA Dodgers, 06/30/2012 19:15 EDT, Score: 5 - 0

Money Line: -128 NY Mets

Sportsbook: Intertops

Result: Win

New York Mets at LA Dodgers 7:15 ET
Mets over Dodgers- The Los Angeles Dodgers have hit (or lack of hit) a rough spot the last couple of weeks as their offense has disappeared. With Matt Kemp sidelined the Dodgers have fallen out of first place as they have been shutout four of their last five games while scoring just two runs over their last 48 innings. New York's Johan Santana takes the mound and he has dominated the Dodgers winning all four career starts while posting a 0.60 ERA in 27 innings. The Dodgers send Nathan Eovaldi tot he hill as he seeks his first won't happen here. Take the METS!

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