Chip's MLB Money Game Winner (Red Sox/Mariners)

Chip's MLB Money Game Winner (Red Sox/Mariners)

Boston vs. Seattle, 06/29/2012 22:10 EDT, Score: 5 - 0

Money Line: +110 Seattle

Sportsbook: DSI

Result: Loss

Boston at Seattle 10:10 ET
Mariners over Red Sox- We posted only one game yesterday and it was the Mariners over the Red Sox and we'll come right back against those imposters from Beantown. Boston has fought their way back to respectability by scoring runs at bunches especially at home where the Green Monster is only 293 feet from home plate. Take the Red Sox out of Fenway and they are a different team at the plate away from home. Boston will start Aaron Cook (1-1, 9.39 ERA who won't make it past the fifth inning. Take SEATTLE!

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