Chip's 'Guaranteed' Finals NBA Playoff Megabucks

Chip's 'Guaranteed' Finals NBA Playoff Megabucks

Miami vs. Oklahoma City, 06/12/2012 21:00 EDT, Score: 94 - 105

Point Spread: +5/-105 Miami

Sportsbook: Bovada

Result: Loss

Miami at Oklahoma City 9:00 ET
Heat (+) over Thunder- Well, the NBA got the match-up they wanted as the story-line will feature Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant against Miami's LeBron James and counterparts Russell Westbrook of the Thunder and Dwyane Wade of the Heat. Coming off Saturday's Megabucks winner with Miami over the Celtics and the Heat's experience of last year's defeat to Dallas in the Finals, I feel very confident that they know what it takes to win. The Thunder have the speed and youth but that youth and inexperience will work against them here. Take MIAMI!

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