Chip's 'Guaranteed' NBA Playoff Megabucks

Chip's 'Guaranteed' NBA Playoff Megabucks

Boston vs. Miami, 06/09/2012 20:30 EDT, Score: 88 - 101

Point Spread: -7½/-105 Miami

Sportsbook: TopBet

Result: Win

Boston at Miami 8:30 ET
Heat (-) over Celtics- My goodness, I don't remember (even Michael Jordan) having a better overall game in the playoffs then what I saw out of LrBron James on Thursday night. (I have to keep from calling his 'LaBrick' for at least one game) The last time anyone had 'numbers' equal to 'LaBricks' (sorry I just can't help myself) it was my buddy Wilt Chamberlain who had 50 points, 15 rebounds and six assists back in1964. The Celtics Pierce, Allen and even Garnett looked their age last time out and the Heat managed to crush Boston without getting anything out of Dwyane Wade. Miami has the confidence and Boston has to feeling the pressure. Take the HEAT!

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