5* Spurs/Thunder Blue Chip Game of the Week

5* Spurs/Thunder Blue Chip Game of the Week

San Antonio vs. Oklahoma City, 05/31/2012 21:00 EDT, Score: 82 - 102

Point Spread: +4/-106 San Antonio

Sportsbook: 5Dimes

Result: Loss

5* Spurs/Thunder Blue Chip Game of the Week: Spurs +4

Even though this is the game everyone is expecting OKC to win, my money is on the Spurs to go into Oklahoma City and win Game 3. The Thunder simply don't match up well at all with San Antonio.

In Game 2, Oklahoma City got 31 from Durant, 27 from Westbrook, and 30 from James Harden and the Spurs completely dominated the game. What more can you really expect from these three. The big problem for the Thunder is they don't have the depth offensively to compete with the Spurs.

It's also worth noting that in the final regular season matchup between these two teams, San Antonio went into Oklahoma City and won 114-105. A game in which they had a 27-point lead. To think Oklahoma City is just going to magically turn things around, is wishful thinking! BET THE SPURS!

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