MLB Oddsmaker Error

MLB Oddsmaker Error

LA Dodgers vs. Colorado, 05/01/2012 20:40 EDT, Score: 7 - 6

Money Line: +114 LA Dodgers

Sportsbook: DSI

Result: Win

*3 Star MLB Oddsmaker Error* Sometimes the oddsmakers make a line that makes me scratch my head. Ted Lilly is a very streaky pitcher. He has an ERA under 1 so far this year. The Dodgers have baseball's best player in the middle of their lineup (Matt Kemp). The Rockies are just 6-6 at home this year. The Dodgers are 7-0 in Lilly's last 7 starts against a team with a losing record. The Rockies are just 5-15 in Chacin's last 20 starts. I would have favored the Dodgers by a small amount here. Take the Dodgers at plus money here.

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