Chip Posts 'Guaranteed' AL Championship Megabucks Winner

Chip Posts 'Guaranteed' AL Championship Megabucks Winner

Detroit vs. Boston, 10/13/2013 20:07 EDT, Score: 5 - 6

Money Line: +104 Detroit

Sportsbook: Pinnacle

Result: Loss

Detroit at Boston 8:00 ET
Tigers over Red Sox- 'I don't care, I don't care', I want against the Red Sox. It's not just because the Yankees failed to make the playoff for the second time in 19 years and I fine it amusing that half the country finds that a reason to celebrate and I is a tribute to the Yankees. These classless 'Bean Towners' should shave and take a bath. I must admit without the chicken & beer they can play ball but in Game 2 the are over matched. Take DETROIT!

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