Tony's Saturday NCAA Triple Header

Tony's Saturday NCAA Triple Header

Wyoming vs. Nebraska, 08/31/2013 20:00 EDT, Score: 34 - 37

Point Spread: +31/-120 Wyoming

Sportsbook: Bovada

Result: Win

Oklahoma State -12.5

With Miss. St losing all 4 WRs and just having a dual threat workhorse RB to carry the load with QB Russel, and losing all 4 DBs to graduation, I do not see them trading punches with Mike Gundy’s team in Houston this weekend. Okie State’s defense is not the best but I do not see Miss. St having the talent to exploit that and Okie State will put up 35-40 in tyhis one in my opinion and can flat out score from 80 yards in 3 minutes or less with 80% of their key components back on offense.

Play 1 Unit on Okie State

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