Chip's Vegas Hotline Winner (Yankees/Rays)

Chip's Vegas Hotline Winner (Yankees/Rays)

NY Yankees vs. Tampa Bay, 08/23/2013 19:10 EDT, Score: 2 - 7

Money Line: -104 Tampa Bay

Sportsbook: JustBet

Result: Win

New York Yankees at Tampa Bay 7:10 ET
Rays over Yankees- Okay, so now the Yankees are starting to win some games with the return of Alex Rodriquz and the addition of Rafeal Sorieno. Still, that line-up lacks the power punch needed to win in the American League. Both starters in tonight's contest have been money makers this season. New York's Hiroski Kuroda (11-8, 2.41 ERA) and the Rays Chris Archer (6-5, 2.95) and there record against opposition is the key here. Kuroda has a 6.11 ERA in three career starts against the rays while Archer is 2-0 with a 0.60 ERA in two starts against the Yankees this year. Take TAMPA BAY!

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