Chip's Vegas Insiders (71-35 67%) WIN Again (Rays/Orioles)

Chip's Vegas Insiders (71-35 67%) WIN Again (Rays/Orioles)

Tampa Bay vs. Baltimore, 08/20/2013 19:05 EDT, Score: 7 - 4

Money Line: +100 Tampa Bay

Sportsbook: JustBet

Result: Win

Tampa Bay at Baltimore 7:05 ET
Rays over Orioles- This Rays team has been on one kind streak or another. There current push has them winning five of their last six after losing six in a row. It isn't by accident that their win streak coincides with Evan Longoria's power surge. Still, the gem tonight takes the hill for the Rays as Alex Cobb (7-2, 2.94 ET) and his club has defeated the Orioles in six of their last seven meetings including the last four in Baltimore. Tonight once again we have TAMPA BAY!

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