Chip's NL Megabucks Winner (Giants/Rockies)

Chip's NL Megabucks Winner (Giants/Rockies)

San Francisco vs. Colorado, 06/28/2013 20:40 EDT, Score: 1 - 4

Money Line: -143 Colorado

Sportsbook: 5Dimes

Result: Win

San Francisco at Colorado 8:40 ET
Rockies over Giants- After a quick start Barry Zito (4-5, 4.40 ERA) has fallen back and has now allowed 1.56 runners on base each inning. He has allowed 102 hits in only 86 innings and is 0-4 with an ERA of 11.28 on the road and the Giants have lost 23 of their last 32 road games. Colorado starter Jhoulys Chacin (6-3, 3.92) Has won his last three starts and the Rockies are 23-18 at home. Tonight it's COLORADO!

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