San Francisco vs. LA Dodgers, 06/24/2013 22:10 EDT, Score: 1 - 3

Money Line: +102 San Francisco

Sportsbook: JustBet

Result: Loss

[b]Giants +104 3* MLB POD[/b]
I see a ton of value here on the Giants despite how nasty Ryu has been at home. The Giants have now faced Ryu twice and they should have a solid idea on how to approach him as they got 18 hits off him through his two starts. Pence, Posey, Scutaro and Torres are a combined 12-23 against him which is better than what the Dodgers have done against Bumgarner who they have a .450 OPS against in 113 AB with a .186 average. LA continues to struggle at the plate and are scoring just 2.20 runs per 9 vs. LHP over their last 10 games. The Giants meanwhile have scored more than 4 and clearly have the more established pitcher and bullpen as Bumbgarner has given up 1 run or less in 4 of his 5 starts in LA.

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