Oakland vs. Seattle, 06/23/2013 16:10 EDT, Score: 3 - 6

Money Line: -141 Oakland

Sportsbook: Pinnacle

Result: Loss

[b]A's -143 4* MLB POD[/b]
Oakland has the better pitching and they have the better hitting ast hey are scoring nearly 2 runs more per 9 innings. Seattle's available bullpen has a 12.54 ERA over their last 3 starts combined each and the Mariners are 5-15 in their last 20 as an under dog. Jeremy Bonderman however has pitched well and is giving us good value on the A's because of that. Bonderman however has feasted on luck and bad competition. Those two things will run out today.

Despite only 2.92 K/9 he's got an ERA well below 4 because he's stranded 85.5% of base runners and has gotten lucky with a .215 BABIP. His ERA should be closer to 5. On the flip side Jarrod Parker keeps getting better. He had a 7.36 ERA in April, 3.62 in May and followed it up with a 1.91 ERA in June so far. I think he keeps it going as the Mariners have a .537 OPS against him in 85 AB.

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