Tony's MLB Free Stretch Play

Tony's MLB Free Stretch Play

Detroit vs. Kansas City, 06/11/2013 20:10 EDT, Score: 3 - 2

Money Line: -161 Detroit

Sportsbook: Bet365

Result: Win

Detroit -161

Rarely if ever do I lay big numbers, and with my premium plays I never lay over -150, but if you wanna make a stretch on Tuesday Detroit with Schezer toeing the rubber, will bounce back againt Kansas City tonight in KC, and with Davis on the hill for KC Schezer will have the run support in this one. He is 8-0 as a starter this year and the team 9-3 when he starts. KC on a roll, but the fairy tale ends tonight- not enough hitting out of KC to drive in enough runs to win this one with Davis on the hill for them. KC strugglews BIG TIME against good pitchers, and bear in mind although KC won last night, their recent run of wins has been against bottom feeders. Detroit shows why they are leading the AL Central toinight.

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