3* No Doubt Rout Syracuse -

3* No Doubt Rout Syracuse -

Montana vs. Syracuse, 03/21/2013 21:57 EDT, Score: 34 - 81

Point Spread: -12½/-106 Syracuse

Sportsbook: Pinnacle

Result: Win

You should always play against a team like Montana when they have covered 6 or 7 of their last 8 against the spread, and they have won 80% or more of their games playing against an opponent that has won 60% to 80% of their games on the season. This system is 124-76 (62%) over the last 5 seasons. Syracuse will be, without a doubt, the toughest team Montana has faced this season. Montana’s strength of schedule has been pathetic and they will not be prepared for top tier competition from the Big East. The Syracuse defense is allowing 60.1 points per game this season and they have held opponents to 37.7% shooting from the field. They are also a strong rebounding team pulling in 39 boards per game which includes 12 on the offensive end. Montana is a poor rebounding team averaging only 30 per game playing on the road. Syracuse has experience making deep runs in the NCAA tournament and they should have no problem dominating Montana in the opening round.

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