3* No Doubt Rout on Marquette -

3* No Doubt Rout on Marquette -

Davidson vs. Marquette, 03/21/2013 15:10 EDT, Score: 58 - 59

Point Spread: -3/-111 Marquette

Sportsbook: Bet365

Result: Loss

Davidson has played so well lately that the oddsmakers were forced to put out a tight line on this game. The problem is the fact that Davidson has played such a soft schedule it has skewed their statistics. You should play against a team like Davidson after four games shooting 47% or better in a game involving two teams taking less than 55 attempts per game after 15 or more games in the season. This system is 66-37 (64%) over the last 5 seasons. The style of play from Davidson is a perfect matchup for Marquette to get a big win. Marquette is 21-9 ATS against defensive teams allowing a shooting percentage of 42% or less after 15 or more games over the last two seasons. Marquette’s defense has the advantage over Davidson as they are allowing a mere 40.5% shooting from the field and 63.1 points per game away from home. This is a feat that was accomplished playing against some of the best teams in college basketball like Louisville, Georgetown and Syracuse. Davidson has been able to pad their stats playing teams like The Citadel, Appalachian State and Furman. The tough conference schedule for Marquette has them well prepared for the NCAA Tournament. Davidson is a talented team, but they cannot compete with a Big East powerhouse like Marquette. This will be an easy opening round win for the Golden Eagles.

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