Free Pick on Brooklyn Nets -

Free Pick on Brooklyn Nets -

Atlanta vs. Brooklyn, 03/17/2013 20:00 EDT, Score: 105 - 93

Point Spread: -4/-110 Brooklyn

Sportsbook: JustBet

Result: Loss

Brooklyn beat Atlanta by 13 points just over a week ago. You should always play against underdogs of 3.5 to 9.5 points like Atlanta when they are revenging a home loss of 10 points or more and coming off a home win by 10 points or more. This situation puts the Hawks in a letdown spot which is why this system is 106-64 (63%) ATS. When that underdog is also a road underdog this system tightens up to 94-50 (65.3%) ATS. Brooklyn is the hot team coming into this game winning four of their last five compared to Atlanta who has lost three of their last five. The Nets are also the well-rested team. They have not played a game since the 12th giving them four days of rest while Atlanta is playing with only one day of rest but had to spend that day traveling to Brooklyn.

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