LA Clippers vs. Philadelphia, 02/11/2013 19:00 EDT, Score: 107 - 90

Total: -109/+185 Over

Sportsbook: Pinnacle

Result: Win

On Monday the NBA Totals System Play is on the Over in the LA. Clippers at Philadelphia Seventy Sixers game. Rotation numbers 703/704 at 7:05 eastern. This game qualifies in a Tremendous NBA Totals System that has Cashed 32 of 37 times the past 18+ seasons, and I happen to have a 12-0 Subset that's in application here tonight. Lets take a look at our system Parameters, and break down the various Power Angles that apply to this game. The system plays to the over for road favorites like the Clippers that have 1 or less day of rest and scored 100 or more points as a road dog in their last game, which the Clippers did on Sunday in their win vs the Knicks, vs an opponent like the Sixers that were favored by 5 or more in their last game. Philly was a sizeable favorite last out vs Charlotte. The system is 32-5 to the over if left alone. However as we dig deep in to the database we see that these road teams really pop to the over if they shot 50% or higher from the field in their last game. When this occurs these road teams have flown over the posted total all 12 times since 1995. Where else in the county would you see a material like this. But Wait, were not done yet, as many of you know even with solid data like the system we always have multiple reasons in our selection process. The posted total in this one opened at 185. The Clippers road games have averaged 191 points and Philadelphia has averaged 187 in theirs home games, so we get 3-4 points of line value here tonight. The last 4 teams going into Philadelphia that scored 90 or more on the road the night before have gone over the total. The Clippers have posted overs in 4 straight on the road with no rest. Philadelphia has gone over 9 of the last 10 times at home with rest if they scored 90 or less at home in their last game and are taking on an opponent that scored 100 or more on the road and shot 45% or higher. Lastly we see that since 1995 home dogs of 4 or less that scored 90 or less as a home favorite of 5 or more have posted overs every time, vs an opponent that shot 50% or higher on the road. With all the scenarios and Indicators suggesting an over here. We will recommend playing the LA. Clippers and Philadelphia Seventy Sixers to go over the posted total tonight.

SU: 24-13
ATS: 21-16-0
O/U: 32-5-0

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Team: 26.8 25.8 26.0 23.6 103.6
Opp: 25.5 24.2 24.1 25.4 100.4

LA. Clippers at Philadelphia Base system 32-5 Over

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