Totals TKO

Totals TKO

CS Northridge vs. UCLA, 11/28/2012 23:59 EDT, Score: 56 - 82

Total: -110/+151½ Over

Sportsbook: BETONLINE

Result: Loss

*3 Star NCAA BB Totals TKO* The Cal State Northridge Matadors only know one way to play and that is extremely fast. Northridge will press and try to turn this game into a track meet. The problem with that is UCLA has tons of speed and athleticism all over the floor this year. Teams who are going to beat UCLA will likely need to slow them down a bit, but Northridge can't do that. UCLA should put up a huge number against this Northridge defense. On the other side, Northridge moves quick enough that they should get plenty of shots and points to push this over. Take the over.

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