Big 12 Play

Big 12 Play

Texas vs. Oklahoma State, 09/29/2012 19:50 EDT, Score: 41 - 36

Point Spread: -2½/-110 Texas

Sportsbook: JustBet

Result: Win

Texas -2.5 to 3

Okie State played a decent team in Arizona and gave up 59 points in a 21 point loss. texas's defense allowed some yards last week beating up on Ol Miss while scoring over 60 points and Texas is avenging back to back losses to Okie State and have had this one circled all fall camp. Okie States defense is not as good as Texas and I will take QB Ash over OSU's frosh starter Lunt who was out last week and is iffy this week and he is backed up by another frosh QB Walsh who I think as a dual threat may be better and had a big week last week against UL Lafayette. This is a huge step up in class. Big statement game for Texas, and while it will be a track meet prefer to side with better defense and revenge minded Longhorns.

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