NFL Week 2 Football - What did you Learn?

League: NFL
By: Tony George Published on: 09/16/2013

Usually after week 1 of the NFL Season, it is still unclear what to count on in terms of handicapping because there are so many variables in week 1 with new coaches and schemes and players, even after the preseason you many times do not get a great feel for teams because coaches try not to show their hand.  It was apparent to me that many things were still left up in the air in terms of many teams direction after week 2, but then again some other teams clearly showed me that week 2 results were in fact a confirmation of final results from the previous week, yet other teams still have me scratching my head.


Here are my Week 2 NFL observations and conclusions:


  • New England is the Worst 2-0 Team in the NFL– No chemistry on offense and bare beat 2 subpar teams.
  • Seattle and Denver are CLEARLY the front runners for the Super Bowl
  • Seattle is unbeatable at home and are the real deal
  • Tampa Bay has no offense other than Martin running the ball – but they DO have a great defense.
  • Kansas City, as I predicted, are the real deal and their defense is going to be top 6 in the NFL this year.
  • Dallas is still Dallas, nothing has changed and no running game.  Dez Bryant needs 8 -10 catches a game for them to win
  • Philly is still an experiment on offense – clearly their defense is a major issue
  • Washington Redskins a go against team.  No defense and RG III a shell of himself as compared to last year
  • Jacksonville went from bad to horrific this year.  Johnny Manzeil welcome to your new team.  
  • Aaron Rogers proved again he is one of the best QB’s in the NFL
  • The Eagles, Redskins and Giants bad defenses, (WOW),  will allow Dallas to win the NFC East division and make the Playoffs this season
  • The BEST team in the NFL is Seattle – Hands Down.
  • The Dolphins may in fact make a run at their division.