Odds To Win The 2013-2014 NFL Championship by Joe D'Amico

League: NFL
By: Joseph D'Amico Published on: 07/05/2013

Each year that passes it seems as though NFL "Future" wagers are becoming more and more popular. I personally believe that money belongs in my pocket. I prefer to play an individual game very strong rather than to lock-up my investment for six months. It use to be that a bettor would make a small play on their favorite team to win the Super Bowl. Now, it has grown to real money being played on long term wagers. The key to this is always "Value". Of course, the NFL's five or six elite teams are always in the race but there is almost never any true value on them. Below is each NFL team and their current odds to win the Super Bowl. No need to refocus your eyes, there are some true surprises.


Cardinals              110/1

Falcons                10/1

Ravens                 24/1

Bills                  110/1

Panthers               60/1

Bears                  20/1

Bengals                28/1

Browns                 80/1

Cowboys                24/1

Broncos                9/2

Lions                  42/1

Packers                10/1

Texans                 20/1

Colts                  37/1

Jaguars                200/1

Chiefs                 50/1

Dolphins               43/1

Vikings                43/1

Patriots               9/1

Saints                 16/1

Giants                 17/1

Jets                   65/1

raiders                110/1

eagles                 43/1

Steelers               22/1

Rams                   45/1

Chargers               55/1

49ers                  6/1

Seahawks               6/1

Bucs                   50/1

Titans                 120/1

Redskins               30/1


Sports fans, I gotta' tell you that between now and the start of the season, a slew of things can change. Trades, signings, injuries, and hold-outs being the most important. But looking at the current odds, I feel that there is value in both the Ravens and the Texans at this point. I know some sharp people that are already in love with the Lions, Steelers, Saints, and Giants. Right now, anyone has a shot. I know the one true way to ensure a profitable season…That is to follow a proven long-term winner like me right here. Thank you and Good Luck, Joe D'Amico