MLB Odds To Win The 2013 World Series by Joe D'Amico

League: MLB
By: Joseph D'Amico Published on: 07/05/2013

Hey sports fans, we are approaching the half-way point in this year's MLB campaign. As the All-Star break nears, there has been quite a few surprises. Below I have enclosed the latest odds to win the October Classic.

Tigers 5/1  Angels 30/1  Nationals 20/1  Yankees 28/1  Giants 15/1  Dodgers 15/1  Rangers 11/1  Braves 8/1  Blue Jays 25/1  Phillies 65/1  Rays 25/1  Cardinals 13/2  Reds 11/1  A's 8/1  White Sox 150/1  Brewers 350/1  D-Backs 17/1  Orioles 9/1  Red Sox 10/1  Mets 250/1  Pirates 13/1  Royals 40/1  Padres 40/1  Mariners 200/1  Indians 20/1  Twins 70/1  Rockies 50/1  Cubs 300/1  Marlins 2000/1  Astros 1000/1

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